To War Games or not to War Games

No roof. Three teams. Shark cages on the outside. Pinfalls along with submissions.

It’s impossible to look at this version of War Games and think of the original version of The War Games. But I want to. I was really excited about this match at Takeover. I’m excited to see how it plays out, I’m excited to see what all the guys will do, I really am… but it’s not War Games.

Its just another example of The WWE… ok mostly Vince… needing to change a thing from the past to fit his vision.

ECW. Dusty Rhodes. Demolition. The Red Rooster.  Now I could go through history and find more examples of Vince recreating something to fit his vision but I won’t because I think we all know his track record.

I’ll be honest, It almost hurts to see War Games being put on this list because it’s been something fans have wanted to see in the WWE for years. Vince was so against using it, that he created The Elimination Chamber instead of just using the War Games.

I am not crapping on the people in the match. I love most to all the guys in this match to begin with. It’s gonna be exciting. It’s gonna be great and fun to watch. But just like ECW… call it something else. This is not War Games. This is the… ugly stepchild version of the original. This match is Van Halen with Gary Cherone. It’s technically the same but the biggest pieces of why it’s so revered is gone.

And the BIGGEST reason why this match is set up to fail… is there will be NO blood. This match is made to be bloody. War Games is supposed to be a blow off match to a long standing feud. It’s supposed to be a fight… it’s supposed to be a war… in a legit fight, does anybody do a moonsault off a garbage can? NOOOOOO! Kicks. Fists. I’m sure that will all happen but it’s gonna fit the new style of wrestling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think the WWE has some of the best pro wrestlers working today. It’s never been better, but for a War Games… it’s gotta stay true to the original. My level of excitement has drained a bit, I’m still excited to see it, but not like I would be if this was a real War Games.

This would benefit from being called something else…. but right in this moment I just had a question that makes me wonder about something else. If The WWE called this match something else from the start with the new rules, would we be complaining about how the WWE didn’t use the name War Games when the match is as close as can be to it? Or do we commend the WWE for not using the name War Games??

I don’t have an answer for that but I would love to hear your comments on all this whether here or on Facebook!