Booking 3 Sheets to the Wind: Cruiserweight Division Pt. 1

I am a nobody in the wrestling world. I am a former trainee in a local New York Wrestling Promotion. But I like to think that I have a mind for the business, as we all do I’m sure. We can all sit back and think hey I’d do this or I would do that, but how many people can say that they put their ideas (whether good or bad) out into the wrestling universe and take the criticism (also whether good or bad.)

My last article about Enzo being a newer Andy Kauffman, got either great reviews or people telling me I was insane for thinking so, and that’s ok, because that’s what wrestling is. Different opinions felt by different people. It’s a melting pot. So with that being said, I am going to do a series of booking articles. I am going to do my best in not making this a fantasy booking thing, but just as a retelling of how I would do certain things.

So let’s start with my very first topic… TWO…OH…FIVE…LIVE

I know… that’s a pretty tall order in trying to make this at all watchable or even a functional division within the WWE buuuuut I am going to try.

Let’s take this from after the CWC Tournament:


1. The first change I would do is keep the tapings at Full Sail. That should of been an obvious sell to the company after the response from the crowd with all the guys after the tournament. Two things happened; the crowd was hot for the entire thing and the wrestling was uninhabited. There was no restrain on what they could do and the crowd ate it all up. NXT tapes multiple shows in a couple of day, they can do an extra hour show on a different day… OR… tape cruiserweight matches during NXT like they do on RAW. It would better the product so much more to be in front of a crowd that already knew these guys instead of being on raw with a mostly casual audience that doesn’t have an interest, and it would also benefit the guys not having to a tape on a Tuesday after Smackdown where the crowd just wants to go home. The WWE does these guys no justice with how they are positioned.


2. The second thing I would do is honestly create characters. Not change the names of the guys, that I wouldn’t do at all. But flesh out the guys to where the people have emotional invest in them. Being great at wrestling, is half the battle, the other part is being entertaining, and excluding the recent stuff like Neville, Kalisto, and Enzo… the only three guys that were at all entertaining in the cruiserweigjhts were TJP, Tozawa and Rich Swann and all for different reasons. TJP was entertaining because he was cool and flashy and he’s basically a millenial. Tozawa was entertaining because he’s a goofy Asian guy that yells and gets the crowd into his matches. Rich Swann is entertaining because out of everybody he’s the only one that truly gets pro wrestling in that division. He is entertaining, he dances, he’s flashy, does cool moves and can cut a promo… that’s what some of the other guys need to do. They need to figure out who they are. Gentleman Jack is a character yes, but he never connected, and now he’s a heel so hopefully this works out. Cedric Alexander is incredible in the ring and at Full Sail the crowd chanted please sign Cedric… on Raw? He’s just a bland great wrestler.


3. Somehow sign Zack Sabre JR and Kota Ibushi. This should have been goal one a and one b. These two would bring clout to this division that would instantly make it legit. ZSJ and Ibushi are two of the best in the world, and I get not wanting to leave Japan or Europe for the WWE, but you gotta take a chance on yourself. These two would be instant champions and instant stars in the cruiserweight division.

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