This Day In History (October 1st): Impact Debuts On Spike TV

On this day in professional wrestling history (October 1st, 2005), TNA Impact makes it debut on Spike TV.

The company began as a “PPE” (Pay Per Event) for their first two years of existence, but in June of 2004 Impact finally got a television deal with Fox Sports Net.  Albeit, not a friendly one.  Impact got very unfavorable timeslots primarily airing at 4 PM on Friday afternoons, and in some markets would get bumped even later or at times, not even air at all.  On top of all this, Impact had to actually pay FSN for the right to air Impact, the deal only lasted all of one calendar year.

Impact would spend the summer of 2005 via syndication through the limited Urban Television Network & through the internet.  Finally, they would secure a deal with Spike TV to air Impact.  Originally, Spike put Impact in an even more unfavorable timeslot than FSN did, airing Saturday nights @ 11 PM.  But luckily for Impact, it proved to be quite popular, six months later Spike promoted Impact to a primetime slot on Thursday nights.

The debut episode of TNA Impact on Spike TV is best remembered for the debut of The Dudley Boyz (now known as Team 3D) & the TNA return of Kevin Nash.

Full results for the October 1st, 2005 TNA Impact:

    • AJ Styles defeated Roderick Strong
    • Monty Brown defeated Lex Lovett
    • Chris Sabin defeated Alex Shelley & Petey Williams in the Three Way Dance
    • Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino ended in a No Contest