Enzo Amore is the 2017 Andy Kaufman

Before you all wanna crucify me for this comparison, let me explain myself.


Let me take you back in time, to Andy vs Lawler. For anybody that is a wrestling fan, we’ve all sat down and watched as much as we could out of this feud. Andy knew how to tell a story, he knew how to get himself over, he knew how to insult the fans and his opponents. Andy was very intelligent in terms of pro wrestling. He was probably the biggest heel in wrestling and that says a lot for not being a wrestler, that’s how good he was at this.

When Andy would step into the ring and would speak, his words demanded the attention even if he was insulting the audience. People wanted to boo him and he knew that. When he was facing women he would say that women are superior to men.. with the cooking and the cleaning and how to raise the babies. When Andy was in the feud with Lawler, Andy would insinuate that Lawler is just a hillbilly hick From Memphis but Andy is from Hollywood, he used his brains. Andy would say that he makes everybody smarter just by being there.


As I watched Enzo berate the cruiserweights on raw during his celebration, I saw a lot of Andy in his words. He’s not billed from Hollywood but he believes that he is a star. He truly believes that he has the smarts and the brains because he was on raw and knows tricks that the cruiserweights don’t know. He’s got money and dough from his merchandise sales that the rest of the cruiserweights could only dream about. He believes he has all of the charisma and the rest are just bland boring nobodies. He even took it when step further when he told Neville to look at the time, because the cruiserweights were in the main event slot and it’s because of him because he’s the attraction, he is the star.

Enzo never sounded better than he did last night. He never seemed more natural, and I think this guy is a natural heel. He shined and that’s because he sees himself as bigger and better than the rest of the cruiserweights, and truth be told, he may just be too. He does bring a certain level of relevancy to a show that has been failing, and in defense of the show, it could be so much better but that’s on the guy in charge.


Nevertheless, I looked at Enzo and I saw a lot of things Andy Kaufman did right and I really hope that continues because it would be best for Enzo to stay this way because he has the ability to be the asshole we all know he could be and finally be a big star, bigger than Big Cass because Big Cass has the charisma of chalk. This is a whole different topic, but I will touch on it since I got here, it’s obvious Enzo is a champion before Cass… I’ll go as far as far as to say that Enzo is the Shawn Michaels of the two. Why? Because he is the Andy Kaufman of the WWE.

He was good as a face at first, but he was getting old and boring pretty fast, as a heel on 205? This guy has absolutely no ceiling because he looks at himself as a star amongst a bunch of nobodies.