Winners and Losers From ROH Death Before Dishonor

*PRECURSOR TO READING: I want to do something a bit different with our reviews for shows here. I know a lot of websites typically give a “play by play” of sorts of that action that took place, but I do not want to do that (and there is not anything wrong with that). There are plenty of places that you can go and see that. But that’s not what I want to do here. So with this review, and if well received, reviews moving forward, reviews are going to cover not only the results but the highlights of the show, links of what to check out, the fallout for the next set of shows and the show’s biggest “winners” and “losers.”*

Quick Results

The Briscoe Brothers & Bully Ray defeat The Kingdom (6.5/10): Bully and Mark connect with the Doomsday Device on TK O’Ryan

“The Villain” Marty Scurll defeats “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor (8/10): After using the ref as a distraction, Scurll locks in the Crossface Chicken Wing for the submission. 

Punishment Martinez defeats Jay White in a Las Vegas Street Fight (5.75/10): Martinez chokeslams Jay White on a pile of thumbtacks to pick up the pinfall.

The Hung Bucks defeat Bully Ray & The Briscoe Brothers to retain the World 6-Man Tag Titles (5/10): Jay turns on Bully Ray by hitting him with the edge of the table and knocking him out. 

Kenny King defeats KUSHIDA to win the ROH World Television Championship (6.75/10): King hits the Royal Flush and scores the clean fall.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young defeats Jay Lethal in a Last Man Standing Match (8.25/10): Both men take a bump from the top of a ladder through a table to the floor. Lethal doesn’t answer the count.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeat the Young Bucks to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles (7.5/10): MCMG hit their tandem driver finish after collectively taking out the Addiction with their opponents.

“The American Nightmare” Cody defeats Minoru Suzuki to retain the ROH World Championship (6/10): Cody connects with the CrossRhodes to pick up the clean fall.


Jay Briscoe finally turned heel and walked away from Bully Ray. Will he walk away from his brother next?



What probably should have been the finish to the Las Vegas Street Fight; this nasty last ride from Punishment Martinez on a series of stacked chairs!



While the match was short and unspectacular, Hangman Page stole the show as “Being the Elite” storylines cross into ROH TV.



And quite possibly the prettiest moonsault I’ve ever seen!



Although I find it very strange that they are portraying Kenny King as a babyface after his stint on the Bachelorette, this was a nice moment celebrating with his daughter.






 A fantastic end to the best match of the night.



 Double Indy Taker courtesy of the Young Bucks and Motor City Machine Guns



The true Nightmare returns after 25 years.



Minoru Susuki likes finger foods.



If it gets him out of the WWE, keep doing it Cody.


The NJPW United States Champion, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega is going to be at all 4 Global Wars events in October!

Tonight’s 3 Big Winners

silas young.jpgSilas Young

This is by far the biggest win of Silas Young’s career. He’s literally been referred to on television as Ring of Honor’s “Gatekeeper” for years. So for him to defeat Jay Lethal, one of their best World Champions of all time, in this type of match, is just huge. I could not be happier for him, and hopefully this propels him into another top angle. With Austin Aries rumored to be returning to ROH, I would love to see a “The Last Real Man” versus “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” feud.

Chuck-Taylor-642x362.pngChuck Taylor

For whatever reason, Chuck Taylor has flown under the radar for years. He’s been an indy darling for the last 10+ years, and outside of a small bit in TNA, this is his first real exposure on the national stage. For his singles debut in Ring of Honor, he had a hell of a showing. I was fully expecting this match to be match of the night, and it delivered on all counts. The psychology of this match was great, with Scurll really going after Chuckie T’s arm throughout the match. Taylor did a great job of selling and had Marty on the ropes until the Villain did Villain things to get the victory. This is one of those cases where both men regardless of the end result were elevated. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with “The Kentucky Gentleman” moving forward.

adam-page-wrestling-ring-of-honor-ftr-051117_1cst2s7mxxqsv1b3o1xtsu0z0c.jpgHangman Page

While the six man tag title match left a lot to be desired, Hangman Page’s reemergence was the lone stand out. Page came out with his hands bound and mouth taped shut, and worked a series of offensive maneuvers that were incredible. Colt Cabana, the color commentator for tonight’s show, even said that maybe he should just stay bound together. The moonsault he hit from the top rope to the floor while still bound together was the spot of the night for me. Page has huge upside and I think he will have a huge year in 2018.

Tonight’s 3 Big Losers

CWjFMgwUAAETRTl.jpg The Announce Team

This is always the weakest part of any Ring of Honor show since the team of Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino left. Ian Riccaboni, I am sure is a nice enough guy. I am also sure that I cannot do any better. But he is just not very good, and I feel that there were times in the night where he took away from large parts of what was going on. He also could have explained the weird ordering of the matches; why have the Young Bucks not have their tag title match before defending the 6 man tag titles? Wasn’t that the point of having the #1 contenders match on the pay per view? He is all the worst parts of Vince McMahon and Michael Cole rolled up into one annoying package. He’s still young, and Ring of Honor is doing him no favors in flip flopping his color commentators constantly (even sometimes several times during a show), so maybe he will get better. But tonight was not a great night for him. But on a positive note, it did appear that he and Colt at times had some chemistry so hopefully that becomes a full time partnership.

rs-201249-jaylethal_worldchamp.jpgJay Lethal

Jay was part of the match of the night, so I had a tough time putting him here. That said, he is in the loser’s section because I have a hard time seeing where he goes from here. He has been kind of floating around for the better part of a year. I thought before the PPV that he would be lined up for a shot at Cody and the ROH Title, but now after this loss I am not so sure. I could see him becoming part of the Addiction trying to ruin ROH storyline, but for Jay, that feels like a big step down.

maxresdefault.jpgMark Briscoe

Mark is here and will remain here if they decide to split up the Briscoes. When Jay was in the main event picture, Mark became an afterthought, and I fear that he will suffer the same fate if he splits from his brother at Final Battle. I hope he does turn heel with his brother Jay, and that he is prominently featured in a tag match with Bully Ray and some sort of ECW alum surprise (my guess is Tommy Dreamer). But for now, I think he will end up in some sort of special referee role at Final Battle, which to me is a waste of his talents.

Potential Fallout for Final Battle (And likely completely wrong)

Ladder Match – ROH World Tag Team Championships

Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. The Addiction vs. The Young Bucks

Based off the Addiction making a run in tonight and attacking both the Motor City Machine Guns and the Young Bucks, this match makes as much sense as any for Final Battle. And it should be a barn burner!

ROH World Television Championship

Kenny King (c) vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll

They did not come into contact with each other, however, it was mentioned during both of their individual matches that Scurll likely earned himself a shot at the champion. My guess is this will be King’s first major TV title feud as champion.

Street Fight – Special Referee: Mark Briscoe

Bully Ray vs. Jay Briscoe

I think this will lead to Mark turning on Bully Ray and siding with his brother and thus continuing the feud past Final Battle. Or at least I hope so. I do not like splitting up the Briscoes. I’d actually prefer this being a tag team match with the heel Briscoes against Bully Ray and an ECW alum…maybe Tommy Dreamer would be available?

ROH World Championship

“The American Nightmare” Cody (c) vs. Austin Aries

With Cody changing the “code of honor” with the new “ring” of honor and the story being told that he is bastardizing what ROH has stood for all these years, it only makes sense for an old ROH stalwart to square off with him at Final Battle. I first thought that may be Jay Lethal, but with his loss to Silas Young, I do not think that is going to be the case now. Aries would be a perfect fit.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Death Before Dishonor was an above average show. This was weaker than some of Ring of Honor’s most recent offerings, however, it still was a strong showcase for some of their newer talent, which Ring of Honor desperately needs to build. Punishment Martinez, Jay White, Marty Scurll, Chuck Taylor, Silas Young, and Hangman Page all looked like future or current stars, and with the recent string of top tier talent leaving for NXT, that is desperately needed from the #2 US brand. The show was not without its problems though. I thought some of the match ordering was strange, especially in regard to the Young Bucks and the 6 man tag title match. The entire reason for having the #1 contenders match on the show was so that each would have to do double duty, however, that ended up being the Young Bucks first match of the night. I assume that was so that the Motor City Machine Guns big moment could be later in the card, but that itself was marred by the useless run in of the Addiction. I would have much rather held off on the Machine Guns’ coronation to Final Battle and have this match end in a no contest. I am also not a big fan of this venue for Pay Per Views. The crowds always seem a bit flat for me and you can only see the first couple rows of seating, which makes the company look bush league in my opinion. Stick to Hammerstein or other arenas where it looks like people are literally hanging from the rafters. However, I would recommend checking this show out just for the simple fact of the Scurll/Chuckie T and the Last Man Standing matches.

Final Grade: B


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