Roman Reigns vs John Cena: How They Missed the Ball

At No Mercy, there will be a fight between two of the biggest names that the WWE has had recently. Also, there’s a John Cena and Roman Reigns match. The reason why I said this is because it completely undermines the actual main event against Brock and Braun. I have always thought that the main championship should end the night. That if its the highest prize in the company you need to make your fans want to get engaged in it. That’s something they haven’t really done with Brock, but I’ll get to that in another story.

See, throughout time in pro wrestling, there have been matches where it seemed like they were ‘passing the torch’ of sorts. Hogan and Warrior at WM6. Hogan and Bret were supposed to be one. The Rock and Hogan. The Rock and Cena, etc…. But the thing is, as much as Vince has way, Cena isn’t going away until he says so. So, this match doesn’t even feel like that. It’s not a passing of the torch match. Its actually, kind of random of sorts.

John Cena showed back up on Monday Night RAW after being drafted to Smackdown in the draft, and the first thing he does is go after Vince’s golden boy. On paper, this sounds pretty good and the closest thing that the WWE has done to an outsider coming for the top person since 1991 with Flair and Hogan. But there’s no magic to it really. It’s just Cena vs Reigns in a match to get the crowd to cheer for the one they hate the least. That’s basically it. I mean, you can claim that it’s ‘WRESTLEMANIA CALIBER’ and throw in all the quasi-shoot interviews you want, but it all boils down to is who do we hate the least. Has it had some good jabs in the interviews? Sure. But in the most part, it shows that Cena is the better of the two, mainly because of his experience. Hell, the same could be said when he was feuding with The Rock. But that was because of Rock’s time away mainly.

Roman is outclassed here unfortunately, and I say that because if you want him to be your next Cena or Hogan, you need to, well, what’s the old saying, ‘Make Roman look strong’. Cena has a track record of murmurs and whispers of his backstage burying. I mean, look at what he just finished doing to Corbin, even if part of that was Corbin’s fault. But the fact here is this, they’re both Vince’s golden boys. Whoever wins, we all loose. Especially when you look on the roster, of any brand, and there are more over people that the crowd wants to see. Case in point, Braun Strowman.

Regardless of what is said or done, this match, will more than likely main event the No Mercy PPV. Which, mind you, I am writing this before the show is on. This just underlines the fact that the championships are not as prestigious as they used to be. When two guys, who don’t deserve the accolades that they have pinned to their names, get higher billing than your World Champion and most over guy on the roster, then you’re doing something wrong. The only time something like that should happen is if it’s something like say Shawn vs Taker a few years ago because there was a story to it. Something more than you’re supposed to be the top guy but now I am but no one really likes us so…. It’s also because people wanted to see Shawn and Taker. People are tired of Cena and Roman is just there. Personally, he shouldn’t be higher than the upper mid-card. Hell, he should have had Ziggler’s position of the guy that teases the main event but can’t break through.

In the end, this match is just a glorified match that should’ve happened, and possibly will happen, on a random RAW. You can say one retired the Undertaker and the other has 16 World Championships and say this is Wrestlemania caliber match until the cows come home. But if you don’t have anything else to back it up other than that, then it’s nothing. Hell, the Tag Title match with The Bar and Rollins and Ambrose has more story than this. Now, I like what both do outside of the ring, that’s no doubt but personally, it’s like I said. It’s a match between two guys that no one likes. When one wins, we all lose. Except for Vince. He must be thrilled to see his guys get to stroke their egos for a long time. I mean they did it for forty minutes on one RAW, what’s saying they can’t do it again tonight?