ROH Death Before Dishonor Preview

In just a few hours’ time, Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor will air live from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card is stacked with talent from all around the world, including a rare stateside appearance from the current NEVER Openweight Champion, Minoru Suzuki! Every Ring of Honor title is on the line and we should start to see what feuds could potentially lead us to the Final Battle pay per view in December.


The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll

“The Villain,” after a widely successful World Television title run, has been in a holding pattern as of late. I tend to believe that is more of him waiting to transition into the World Heavyweight Title picture than it is that they have nothing to do with him. However, he has put on a litany of tremendous matches not only in Ring of Honor but all over the globe this year and is sneakily having one of the best years of any wrestler in the business right now. Tonight should be no different as he takes on PWG stalwart, ‘The Kentucky Gentleman’ Chuck Taylor. Taylor has been fantastic during his short Ring of Honor run and really has a chance to put a stamp on his time here in Ring of Honor with a quality opponent in Scurll. Scurll is one of the most over talents in ROH right now, and that was the case even before he joined the Bullet Club. He could suffer a loss and it would have no impact on his stock with the company, and in the process really put Chuckie T on the map. However, I think they are grooming Marty for a much bigger role, and he can get “The Kentucky Gentlemen” over while still getting the victory. Scurll with an exciting submission victory here with a very game Chuck Taylor.

Prediction: “The Villain” Marty Scurll via submission in a hard-fought contest.

WhiteHaze Las Vegas Street Fight

Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez

I am becoming a huge fan of both guys. I was lukewarm on Jay White for a while until I could experience him live during the Super Indy Tournament in IWC back in July. White is a supreme talent but has a tall order ahead of him in the equally impressive Punishment Martinez. Despite the hiccups in the build for Martinez (being tied to Sullivan’s group, etc.), he has become an effective and convincing big man now that he has moved out on his own. This is a match that has been building for the past few months, with Jay White really being the only guy in the company that has been one step ahead of the young monster. However, I believe that all ends tonight. White is going to bring the big man to his best match to date, but ultimately fall victim to the nearly seven-foot monster in what should be a showcase for the big man.

Prediction: Punishment Martinez via pinfall via a chokeslam through a table.


Last Man Standing Match

Jay Lethal vs. “The Last Real Man” Silas Young

I am so happy for Silas Young. An old-school heel in every sense of the word, I am so glad to see him paired up in this long-term feud with Jay Lethal. Lethal, who I imagine will return to the World Title plans in early 2018 or maybe even Final Battle was in desperate need over something to tithe him over until then. “The Last Real Man” has done a marvelous job filling that role. Young has a legitimate gripe with Lethal, and that is always when a heel is at his best. You can understand Young’s viewpoint, even if you do not agree with it. Young laid an incredible beat down on Lethal right before New Japan’s United States title tournament, weakening the former ROH Champion enough that he was eliminated in the very first round, shocking many. As much as I would like to see Silas Young be given the full stamp of approval and win this Last Man Standing match, I do not believe it is going to happen. Young already holds a clean win over Lethal in a Street Fight back Edinburgh and I can’t see Delirious allowing Young to go 2-0 over Lethal in these types of matches. Plus, I do believe that Lethal will be Cody’s opponent at Final Battle for the ROH Title, so he is going to need a decisive victory here in this match. Either way, Silas Young is going to be elevated in his role by putting on another solid performance with Lethal.

Prediction: Jay Lethal is the Last Man Standing in a bloody war.


#1 Contendership for the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship

Bully Ray & The Briscoes vs. The Kingdom

I do not believe there was any intention to take these titles from the Kingdom to begin with. Unfortunately, TK O’Ryan suffered that grotesque injury and forced ROH’s hand. However, that can all be fixed here tonight. O’Ryan is back at 100% and it’s time to put the titles back on the only true triad in Ring of Honor currently. This also works out perfectly for the continued fracturing of the Briscoes and Bully Ray. I believe we are going to see the Briscoes turn on Bully Ray post-match (it may even happen during the match) and set up a tag team match for Final Battle. Who will be Bully Ray’s partner? I would love to see D-Von come out of retirement and pair the Dudleyz just one more time, but that is unlikely with his role in WWE. I doubt we will find out tonight, but it should be an interesting feud moving forward.

Prediction: The Kingdom via pinfall. The Briscoes beat down Bully Ray post-match.


ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

I do not see the Bucks losing twice in one night. While I believe their reign as six-man tag champs is in danger (read below), I think they retain here tonight. The long-running story with the Machine Guns has been that they have amazingly never captured the ROH World Tag Team Championships. While a lot of that may have been bad luck with injuries, they have looked great as of late, defeating the always impressive War Machine to earn the match tonight. However, conspicuous by their absence on this card is the newly christened heels (again), the Addiction. With seemingly no direction for the Addiction heading into Final Battle, and a lot of history with the Machine Guns, I believe that they will make an appearance tonight and cost MCMG their opportunity at grabbing the tag titles for the first time. That should be a tremendous match for Final Battle for both of these veteran teams.

Prediction: The Young Bucks via pinfall.


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship

The Hung Bucks (c) vs. Winner of Bully Ray/Briscoes and The Kingdom

If you have been watching “Being the Elite,” on YouTube (and if you haven’t, you should), there has been a continuing storyline brewing between the Bullet Club and the “WWE.” The WWE has been posed as this deity that can do whatever it wants, including keeping the Young Bucks or anyone associated with them from doing the crotch chop or yelling suck it. It has kept Cody from being able to yell “fuck the Revival” (although they have been creative in ways of getting around that). But more recently, a “WWE Stooge” has kidnapped Hangman Page and over the past two episodes, the Bullet Club have had no luck in finding him. Imagining that this story will continue to play out on ROH pay per view could be an interesting prospect. I would imagine that at some point during this contest, the Young Bucks will look like they will be just about to retain the titles when Hangman and “the Stooge” will be revealed (maybe) and that will be enough of a distraction for The Kingdom to once again become the six-man tag champs.

Prediction: The Kingdom regain the World Six Man Tag Team Titles; the story with #whereshangman continues.


ROH World Television Championship

KUSHIDA (c) vs. Kenny King

The World Television Championship has really made a huge step up in credibility this year after the reigns of Marty Scurll and now KUSHIDA. That should be the perfect backdrop what with be equal parts the upset of the night and most predictable match on the card with Kenny King winning the World Television championship in his hometown. They have been building King as a face since his appearance on the Bachelor, and that should culminate here with a huge victory over the New Japan stalwart, arguably King’s biggest victory of his career.

Prediction: Kenny King wins the World Television Championship in his hometown (upset of the night)


ROH World Championship

Cody (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki

This is a unique matchup. There is a definitely a huge clash of styles here, with Cody’s more traditional style versus Minoru’s terrifying and brutal assault. It has been several years since Suzuki has worked in the United States. He has done zero ROH television building this match; all of that has fallen on the shoulders of Cody Rhodes. Cody has done a great job building himself as the brash, arrogant superstar. Hell, he even got rid of the championship belt in favor of a ring! That really paints Suzuki as the face in this match, which is kind of odd for him but makes perfect sense in the context of the build. I am unsure if this will be a great match, their styles are so different, however, I believe Cody will retain in some form or fashion, likely through Bullet Club interference. There’s a good chance this feud continues in New Japan.

Prediction: Cody retains the World Title with interference from the Bullet Club.


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